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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Author's Poetry - 'Thoughts on a Breeze'

© by Linda Maran

I love to watch you tickle the leaves
they laugh so hard, some lose their grip
and twirl to the ground.

You're quite a teaser too.
The way you ruffle up the skirts of the ladies,
while children giggle, facing you boldly with
rosy red cheeks.

And I dare say that your arrogance escapes you
now and then,
Defying a spot where the snow tries to fall,
and banging on my windows at an unearthly hour.

Yet, you aren't different from the rest of us -
at times just being there isn't enough.
Ah, but I also know how gentle you can be,
gliding though my hair, softly, on a summer's day
and then, sneaking off to kiss a Petunia right on the nose!

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