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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals of a writer - 2012

      My writing goals for 2012 are: to write more and to write better. To use my writing time well. To have my novel published.  In that order?  Yes. Because for me, the first two goals lead to the third one. 
     I think it was Luanne Rice who suggested that we write every single day. Even if it is just about various observations. Whatever it is. Write. The more we write, the better we become at our craft.  Just like anything else. Regular exercise keeps us fit. Daily consumption of wholesome nutritious food, keep us healthy. I will write every day. Nope, e-mails don't count. Sigh!
     Many a day I have spent nearly all of my writing time staring at the computer screen. Stuck. Blank. Blocked. I'd distract myself with e-mails, reading the headlines of the latest news, and even shopping for a new book to read. Time wasted!  Before I knew it, other things needed to be done. Like returning phone calls, doing laundry, getting out for my daily walking routine, and cooking dinner! Thus, my writing time yielded no writing. This has to change.
     Now, I will go over the story in my mind while trying to fall asleep, while waiting in line at the bank or supermarket, while sitting in a doctor's office, and while doing chores. I will keep a small note pad nearby to jot down an idea or two for the next chapter, or changes to the plot. Then, the next time I am at the computer ready to write, I won't sit there thinking of what to write.
      A published book is the goal of most writers.  But the writing itself is an ongoing journey of creativity, learning, and discovery. 
      Writing is part of who I am. A great privilege. I am a mini-creator, starting with a blank page and ending with a full page, which at some point, blossoms into a completed novel. A good story. One that I hope will move a heart, lift a spirit, and inspire a mind.
       Happy New Year to all my fellow writers and critique partners.