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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Writing is a great habit


My computer has been on the outs for a while, on and off. This affects my writing and because of it, I realize how important it is for a writer to write...daily. Whether it be a few lines, a couple pages or a whole chapter. Putting the words down is the key.
    Sure, I can catch up on organizing my office, cleaning things that haven't been cleaned in a while, like dusting behind the TV set or behind my books on their shelves. Maybe even cook a gourmet meal. But in the end, I am lost without my writing, my characters, and my stories. No matter if they reach a publishing house, (although that is the goal and ultimate dream) the main thing is to keep at it.
    Not much different than working out. If we slack off for several days, we feel the difference. Perhaps our mood changes  or we feel restless. And then when we get back to exercising, it seems harder than ever.
    So, even if I have to write in a notepad, which I did this morning, I will write. Otherwise the characters collide in my head and this writer feels compelled to give them their voice.