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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This Self-Help Author is no Guru-

Being an author of a self-help book, self-help articles, pamphlets, and blogs, certainly doesn’t qualify little ole me as a self-help guru. Far from it.
I am always aware that the confidence behind my words are not solely mine. They spring forth from the many others who have lifted me up through the years…friends, therapists, priests, and other authors. I am not acting alone. And that’s actually a beautiful thing. The wisdom and insight given as a pure gift of empathy, friendship, or a generous spirit, becomes a light inside of me that another can tap into and be brightened by. They in turn do the same. A unifying endeavor.

Along with my readers, I listen to and take the advice that I post on my blogs. I am as much the student as the teacher. We learn and rise a little higher together.

A good priest friend of mine who has been listening to my woes and triumphs for over 20 years now, recently advised that we not focus on ‘making a mark’ with whatever talents we possess, but to simply thank God for them and ask that they be put to positive use. To sow good seeds and not concern ourselves with the outcome. (Do they like it?  How many people read what I write? Has it helped someone?)  He often quotes Romans 8:28…And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.

I ‘try’, and the key word here is ‘try,’ to turn various not-so-good challenging experiences to positive lessons. I think of the many people who have done this…Christopher Reeve turned the aftermath of his paralyzing accident to inspire others with similar spinal injuries to stay positive.  Jamie Fox is doing the same thing with his Parkinson’s Disease.Lizzie Velasquez , bullied for her appearance due to a disorder that doesn’t allow her to gain weight, is now an inspirational speaker to help others gain confidence in themselves no matter how they look or what people say. Many musicians write songs to encourage and lift the spirit. Authors write amazing stories of courage and hope. The Founders of AA, Bill Wilson and Dr. Bob Smith, turned the struggle with sobriety from alcoholism into an incredible helpful International fellowship organization for other alcoholics. The examples can go on and on.

None of us are 100% strong all the time and in every way. Not even self-help writers. We borrow from one another's strength. 
 And I am so grateful to those who have let me ignite my little spark to their flame, and I hope you can ignite to mine when needed.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Writing Out of Sequence-

   Stuck on a scene?  Instead of sitting for hours (or days) trying to move ahead with a specific scene of a story, it might be a good idea to write out of sequence.
  Movies are filmed that way, then when the whole film is completed, it's put into chronological order.
  Works for me! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Norman Mailer Says...

"I think it's bad to talk about one's present work, for it spoils something at the root of the creative act. It discharges the tension."
~Norman Mailer

Thursday, June 11, 2015

We Make a Difference-

     It dawned on me of late that what we as writers, write, can penetrate deep into the minds and hearts of our readers, giving us the power to change a mood, even sway a decision. We can bring on a smile, a frown, or a shriek with our words...our stories.
    The question is: do we leave our readers better off for reading what we write?  Are we bringing goodness and light into their psyche, or darkness and violence?

    Of course, in reality, there is always both. Into each life a little rain must fall. Evil is as real as that rain, and violence dances around us like the wind, and many of us get caught up in those storms. But there is also tranquility and calm soothing breezes.
 The sun is a constant, even when the clouds hide it. Do we allow the sunshine to fall on our pages? Or do we cast shadows of immorality and chaos?
     When I choose a novel to read I am drawn by whether or not it will add some inspiration to help lift me up a bit when I'm treading too low along the ground. I also read to learn because every book, fiction or non-fiction, has something to teach.
     May our words make a positive difference, bringing tiny shafts of light into dark spaces, and lessons of love and compassion to those who read our words.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Ralph Ross Said...

"It is plagiarism when you take something out of a book and use it as your own. If you take it out of several books then it is research."

                                               -Ralph Foss

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Anatole France Said...

"Caress your phrase tenderly: it will end by smiling at you."
~Anatole France