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Friday, July 20, 2012

The Comforts Of Writing


      I love to write on a rainy day. Listening to the rain splatter against the window pane while I think up my stories is one of my favorite creative times. Sipping a good cup of tea or coffee adds to the comfort and cozy feel I crave.What's your favorite time and/or place to write?
      For me, it's easier to stay indoors at the computer on a stormy day, than on a bright sunny one. The sunshine calls me outdoors to the park or the beach. Fortunately, my laptop or a notebook and pencil, can come along, and so I make use of one of the perks of being a writer...write anywhere at any time.
     Wherever and whenever we choose to write, it's important to have some comfort as we go about our craft. Sitting endlessly at the computer can cause stiff necks, aching backs, frustration and grumpiness.
      A writer needs to bring comfort to those hours, both mentally and physically.  If sipping a good cup of java does it, then by all means, include it as another working tool.
      Some of us enjoy listening to soothing music or nature sounds as we write, while some of us, myself included, prefer as much quiet as we can get. If the latter is your choice and you live in a not-so-quiet environment as I do, then buy some ear plugs. The waxy cotton ones work better than the foam ones. A good brand is: Flents Ear Stopples.
     Don't forget the wireless headphones they now sell for those of us who enjoy listening to music but might disturb others while doing it.
     Since we all don't have a private office or space to write, we have to adapt. Some of us have a desk in the corner of a busy family room with TV blaring and kiddie activities going on. While a number of us make the kitchen table our space with a laptop. And there are even some of us who resort to taking the laptop into the bathroom for an hour of privacy and quiet. We do what we have to do!
      As writers, we've come to learn that sitting for any long period of time can bring pain, whether we are 20 years young or 80.  So, we need to remember to get up and stretch every so often.  A chiropractor once told me to set a timer every thirty minutes if necessary.
     Sitting in a comfortable chair is an obvious asset. Unfortunately, we all can't afford an ergonomic chair. But where there's a will, there's a way. Adding a cushion or back support can help bring our not-so-comfy chair into the ranks of a higher comfort zone. It'll be worth it at the end of each writing session.
       While we can't always do our writing in the perfect time and place, we can make the best of what we have and where we are with a few adaptations and/or additions. Like that simple cup of comforting coffee.
       It's time to brew myself a cup for the next article....