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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Author's Poetry Moment-

                                    'Fairytale Dream' Poem © Linda Maran
I looked all about me in this magical land,
with crystal clear hilltops
and multicolored sand.
I began laughing and dancing
and twirling around.
Then hundreds of pink butterflies
swept me from the ground.
"Where are we going?" I asked them in breathless surprise.
"To the Prince of Stardust Mountain,
between sundown and sunrise."
And so it was, the Prince and I,
on some unnamed planet in the sky.
We went to the rainbow festival
they held there each year.
With glittering dragonflies and hummingbirds everywhere.
He gave me white satin slippers
to put on my feet,
And sweet wine glazed oranges for me to eat.
We were dancing and singing under star-studded skies,
when morning sent her cool breeze upon me to open my eyes.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Author's Haiku Poem-

© Linda Maran

Two  misty stars 
breaking through at dusk-
softly...your eyes 
flash through my mind.

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Author's Poetry Moment-

INSIDE © Linda Maran

I looked beyond his grimace, into tired eyes.
Scopes to the inside.
Long ago joys vaulted in a weary heart.
Ambition gone, he shuffled past laughter and happy cries.
Oh if but only my one small smile
could pull up his anchored defeat to a new start.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Author's Poetry - 'Thoughts on a Breeze'

© by Linda Maran

I love to watch you tickle the leaves
they laugh so hard, some lose their grip
and twirl to the ground.

You're quite a teaser too.
The way you ruffle up the skirts of the ladies,
while children giggle, facing you boldly with
rosy red cheeks.

And I dare say that your arrogance escapes you
now and then,
Defying a spot where the snow tries to fall,
and banging on my windows at an unearthly hour.

Yet, you aren't different from the rest of us -
at times just being there isn't enough.
Ah, but I also know how gentle you can be,
gliding though my hair, softly, on a summer's day
and then, sneaking off to kiss a Petunia right on the nose!