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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Real Life Into Fiction-

Experiencing a challenge lately?

A rough time? Romantic troubles? Family issues?  Faith crisis? Hope not, but at some point, we all go through struggles, whatever they may be. A good way to vent is through our writing. We can incorporate some of our 'real' issues into our novels.  How many times have we said: "I could write a book about this?" A common expression regarding an overwhelming happening in our lives.
      Recently a friend of mine had a couple unexpected not-too-pleasant things happen one morning. Her dog apparently couldn't wait to go out, so piddled on her dining room wooden floor.  My friend wasn't aware of that and when she rushed through the room, slipped and fell on the wet floor, landing right on her bad knee. She had to ice it and was in no mood for the number of errands, chores and entertaining awaiting her. She told me, "you can't make this stuff up."  Ah, but  we adding some of her situation into our story.
      It seems to me that even the most outlandish fictitious story originates from a human experience or set of strong emotions woven into a powerful imagination.
      Some authors use their journals as a precursor to their novel. There are those of us who might say, "Oh, but I have such a boring life. Who'd want to read about what I do or feel?"  You'd be surprised.  If we are human beings with human feelings, we are not boring. We are unique. There is only one of me and of you. Our hearts have a storehouse of emotions we can spill out onto our paper (computer.) We never know whose feelings our own will resonate with. And even if we never use what we write about ourselves and our experiences, writing it out is a good exercise in itself. We're developing a style of our own.
So, you're practicing how to pull into a driveway as part of your driving lesson, and rip off your father-in-law's gutter pipe. That could be a humorous insert in one of your stories.  (I actually did that back-in-the-day. My dear father-in-law took it in stride.)  Or, your brother, dad, or husband, left a wrench on the hood of the car and no one noticed it as you all take off for a trip to the country. Then everyone hears a banging sound under the car. Shortly afterward, gasoline is making a trail behind the car. The speed of the car blew the wrench underneath the vehicle and it punctured the gasoline tank. (Also a true story.) I can laugh about it now, but at the time I was fuming (no pun intended.) More writing material. We all have various experiences to write about, however big, small, outrageous or ordinary.
      Of course, there are the sad experiences also, which have fine tuned our empathy and compassion toward others. And which has also allowed us to write of deep heart-wrenching emotions that so many of us have felt at one time or another. Reminds me of, Romans 8:28...And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.  We have been called to write.  Our words can move, lift up, and even change the heart, mind, and soul of a reader. We can turn some of our difficult experiences into transforming ones for others. And that's an awesome responsibility, work, and blessing..

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