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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Internet Slang/Lingo-


   As writers, it's beneficial to know the slang lingo used on FB, Twitter, in e-mails, and phone texts. We never can tell when we'll need to incorporate them into our stories. Besides, it's baffling when we have no clue as to what someone is telling us in an e-mail or on FB.  Nowadays, it might be likened to a writer not knowing how to spell a simple word and feeling red-faced for his or her ignorance.

    It doesn't matter if we are 20 or 90 years old. Times have changed, and even if we don't hasten to use such abbreviated slang forms of words, at least we can understand them, because they WILL come our way.  Here's a humorous example:
   We were changing over from dial-up service to fast speed Internet and some other changes involving our cell phones. The customer service woman asked my husband, "Do you still want POTS?"  My husband said, "What is POTS?"  She said, "Plain Old Telephone Service."  Duh?
    If it's coming up in phone conversations's here big time.
    Chances are, that those who have teens at home might already know a great deal of the lingo.While others (such as myself) only knew the most common ones. Let alone the expressions used on Twitter.  That's for a whole other post.
    So, it wasn't a great surprise when I saw books (dictionaries too) on for Internet slang lingo. (Too bad I didn't think of it!)  Here is one that is reasonably priced for Kindle via

Understanding Internet Slang by Jon Appleseed (Jun 30, 2013)

If you want to see a lot more for free, go to:

In the meantime, here are twenty five, with many that are supposedly trending right now...
BBL        -   Be Back Later
BTW       -   By The Way
CMT      -    Count Me In
DDG       -    Drop Dead Gorgeous
G2G        -    Got To Go
IDK         -    I Don't Know
ILY          -    I Love You
L8R         -    Later
LHK        -    Love, Hugs, and Kisses
LYL         -    Love You Lots
M2           -    Me Too
M&D       -   Mum and Dad
NBD        -    No Big Deal
OIC         -    Oh, I See
O&O       -    Over and Out
ROTFL    -   Rolling On The Floor Laughing
TTYL       -   Talk To You Later
TIA          -    Thanks In Advance
VBD        -    Very Big Deal
WAYD?    -   What Are You Doing?
WGAF     -    Who Gives a (Bleep) 
WTG        -   Way To Go
YT?          -    You There?
YW          -     You're Welcome
ZA           -     Pizza     

   Note: When I was a teenager, my friends and I had our own abbreviations and made-up words we'd write in our 'snail mail' and notes, in case others (mainly our parents) would read them. We were very creative at times too. For example, instead of writing, I'll see you at Newkirk Avenue. We might have written, I'll see Kirk at the new avenue.  And 'Haley'sMO' (a liquid antacid at the time) meant: Make Out. So, a note might have said something like, Mike asked if I wanted some Haley's MO, but I told him no. LOL!
      K. G2GC ( Okay. Got to go cook.)  L8R-

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