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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Taking A Break

    Sometimes we tend to overcrowd our minds with the characters and plot of our stories. We're usually at it on a daily basis, sitting at the computer, brainstorming, editing, researching facts, or sometimes scrapping the whole thing. Not to mention, keeping up with the market...what's hot, what's not, etc.

     Back-in-the-day, when I worked in an office, we had two 'coffee breaks' each day.  A coffee cart came to our floor (before offices had coffee machines) and we waited in line for our turn for coffee, tea, and/or a donut, danish, or other sweet to go with it. (No fruit options then.) The cart came around at
approximately 10a.m., and again at 3p.m. Back then, I think it was to keep us awake in the morning, and to revive us in the late afternoon. Whatever the reason, we needed the breaks. And as writers, we do too, whether it is to stay awake, revive, or to clear our head for a time. Also, a break is a good time to stretch, get up, and walk around.
    More importantly, we need a 'get-away' break.  Meaning, getting away from what we're working on for a few hours, maybe even a whole evening. My personal break? Each night when I  turn off the computer, I trot up to bed, get comfy, and read a good novel. Sometimes it's the same genre I write, other times, it's a totally different one. The idea is, to get away from my own 'stuff..'  
     How do you get away from your 'stuff?'

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  1. Yes, it's good to slow down and get away from the
    computer screen and sometimes get away from
    our own stuff, so we can be more objective.
    Great post, Linda!