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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Some Fun Writing Resources

     Sometimes it's a good idea to write just for the experience and practice. Maybe even for the thrill of seeing your article in print online. 
     You might not make money, maybe just a few dollars with some of these articles, but it's a beneficial way for some relaxing, fun writing. To write about the things you know about, enjoy doing, or information you have gathered that can be helpful to others, is a nice diversion from demanding projects and slow going novels. 
     Here are some sites to check out: 


     And here are some of the articles I have written on these particular sites.  The photos for the articles on SheBudgets are provided by their team. You can get an idea from reading a few, of how the articles appear.

1- Some of my articles on

Helium also has contests you can partake in as well.

2- Some of my articles on SheBudgets...

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