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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Write What You Write-

    This post is inspired by my agent, who, being a writer herself, has keen insight into the ups and downs of a writer's mind and the various reactions that go with it.
   Yesterday, those of us in our agent's client group were told that, New Adult fiction, is the hot genre now. I immediately felt I had to try to write one. After all, what I write might be on its way out.
    I assume some of the other writers/authors might have been wondering the same, since there were lots of responses to our agent's latest find on what's popular at the moment.
    Let's see, I have two completed contemporary novels and I can rework them to fit that genre. Or, I can write one from scratch. These are some of the thoughts that accompanied my morning walk in the park this morning.
    And then I received an-e-mail sent to all of us in the client group...WRITE WHAT YOU WRITE.  Ahhh, truer words cannot be said.
    If we try to fit into the most popular genres, it's often depicted in our writing. But, if we write what we are comfortable writing, and what we ourselves enjoy reading and know about, then that is reflected in our work.
    There are so many books out there.
So many different categories in the many genres. I am not apt to write a novel about fairies and wizards. Not because those stories are not good, but because I have no interest in that topic and it would surely show. And what about the joy of writing?  I prefer to enjoy what I write about, not drudge through it just because 'maybe' I'll make a decent sale. Or just for the sake of becoming published. For me, to do this could mar my craft.
    Before I write any other genre, I'll need to read a few books in that category, to see if I enjoy them. If I don't, no sense writing one. It would be like having a job I hate.
    So, while I will dabble in new areas of writing to see if I fit into any other genre beside the one I write, I will  focus on whatever I truly find enjoyable to write.
    Bottom line: In order to give readers the best I can give, I'll: write what I write!