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Friday, December 7, 2012

Writing Christmas Cards-

   I wonder if it is because I am a writer that I enjoy writing out Christmas cards?  I have heard some refer to the task as a drudgery, an obligation that needs to be met and done.
  I choose a morning or afternoon when I will be by myself, put on Christmas music, simmer some cinnamon and orange peel in a pot of  water to bring a cozy aroma to the place, and write my cards.
   I like to personalize each card, after all, it is CHRISTmas. I add a Christmas quote, or a short Christmas excerpt from our church bulletin, a bookmark or prayer card, and some years, a photo.
    I pick my cards rather carefully as it reflects who I am as well as how much I value my recipient. I am not referring to the expense of the cards, but the image or the meaning it portrays.
   I have a good friend who makes her own cards - she loves scrapping and her artistic creativity is put to good use with cards each year.
    Of course, we live in a busy world and some of us have little ones or grand kids at home, or long hours at work. Time seems never to be present for such a luxury as enjoying writing or creating cards with a Christmas spirit.
    Some tips to make it easier....
  Have the addresses of your recipients typed and saved in label-printing format, so all you need do is print out the labels rather than write out each address. This seems to be the gripe many of us have about Christmas card writing....all those addresses.
  First, write out cards to just the special people in your life...those who you are in touch with regularly. Those to whom you really do want to wish a Merry Christmas to. Give those people the time they deserve in your wishes. Next, it might be time to see which people we send out cards to merely out of obligation (because they will or might send us one) even though we don't see or hear from one another all year long. Maybe we need to revise our list.
  Have a Christmas card writing gathering. Serve eggnog and Christmas cookies and have Christmas music playing. Maybe with some relatives or good friends. It can turn the task into a fun time. This idea is great for kids who like to create cards to give to their siblings, friends and cousins.
   Let us not forget e-cards. 
   However we do it, sending out Christmas cards is a nice way to take a moment for each person in our life and bestow upon them a wish and blessing for the birthday of Jesus. And if the recipient is not a believer, than a wish for a beautiful and festive season.
    To learn the origin of writing Christmas cards go to the following link:


  1. I love the idea of a Christmas card gathering! Now I'm headed to check out the origin of Christmas cards link... thank you for good ideas!

  2. I agree with Nancy, great ideas for writing Christmas card messages, that surely comes handy since Christmas time is almost here. Thanks for sharing these tips.